Every step towards a more peaceful family is a foundation for a more peaceful world

  I was born in communist Bulgaria and grew up in literal and figurative war. It was the state and government against the people and the people against one another.
 This reflected down into families and the way parents raised their children. Many relationships were adversarial between spouses as well as between children and parents. 
  When I was 6 my father attempted and succeeded in defecting from communism but that left huge wounds of abandonment and low self-esteem since it took our family 7 years to reconvene lives in Canada. In my family of origin there was love, but as in most families, there was also dysfunction. 
 I re-created a love + abuse pattern
 with boyfriend after boyfriend, taking on the masculine role as a mother figure so that they would need me and never abandon me. This left me deeply unfulfilled and resentful. 
  I needed masculine warrior power to survive my childhood and now those same defenses were not only keeping me single and lonely but the imbalance was so great that I actually had PCOS - a hormonal disorder where male hormones (testosterone) are high and you grow hair and can't have children!!!!

  I had a 6 figure real estate and mortgage business and I was used to running the show. But I was using business skills in romance. HA!!! Didn't work. One day I decided that I was never going to recreate this again and set out on an incredible, deep journey to discover my true Soulmate and Twin Flame. We were preggers just a month after we got married, that is how deeply I was graced with recovering my only true and priceless primal power - my femininity. 
  After connecting with Emil (yes it IS Emil and Emilia :) ), I felt that it was such an incredible gift from God I wanted to teach other women struggling to find their Soulmate that they could do it too! This is my Work with a capital "W". That's why I created the Soulmate Attraction Formula . 
  As women of the USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia. Sweden, Netherlands, Germany and many other empowered countries, we have a choice. We don't have to be in any abusive or dysfunctional relationships. There are women in the world that do not have that choice. They do not have the resources accessible to us. 
   We have the responsibility to exercise that choice as a way of supporting the world to gently yawn open to peace by bringing peace and self-honoring home. We also have a responsibility to help those with less resources gain access to more which is why 50% of the profits of this enterprise go to selected projects with Women for Women International. The Dali Lama said that the world will be saved by the women of North America and this is part of how. Join the sacred partnership revolution. Become a self-honored and nurtured woman and as Mariah Fenton Gladis says,  arrive already loved. Bring peace and nurturing to your family by empowering your Inner Empress. That way your children can bring it to the world. Every step towards a more peaceful family is a foundation towards a more peaceful world. Let's do our part.


Soulmate Attraction Formula