Soulmate Attraction Formula

You blew me away with how in tune and passionate and able to fit into that counselling/supporting/challenging role you are ...I am impressed - you got to the heart of me over the phone.....and what you did is prodding me to change, like in a good way, like I now want to change instead of being a bit afraid of the whole thing.

Gwen T, Ontario Canada

Emilia has a gentle but direct way of telling you exactly what you need to hear. She is a wise woman who has done the work herself and forged a path for the rest of us. I always feel safe, loved and really seen in her presence. And the advice she shared with me helped me feel ready to take the next step in my relationship. I'm now happily married and extremely grateful for her perspective. She is a gift to this world!

Jesalyn E, San Jose

She is kind, she is loving, she is understanding - and we are connected.  She is powerful. Welcome.  She taught me how to walk through the fire.


After a string of failed relationships, I was completely ready to re-think how I had been approaching them. Emilia’s open and warm demeanor made me feel at ease to open up, share my wishes for finding my life mate, desire for a family along with my fears of a ticking biological clock. I am thankful to her for creating an accepting and non-judgmental space for meaningful conversations to occur about the glories and pitfalls made along the way to finding love. Thanks to her intuitive nature, Emilia introduced me to Alison Armstrong’s body of work, which just made to sense to me in many ways and came at just the right time. This new information sparked many consequent conversations with Emilia, including new perspectives of how I had been relating to men and honoring the differences between men and women. A new phase of understanding and embracing my femininity followed, and it is no surprise to me that I met my love, who I am now engaged to, within the year that my conversations with Emilia began. She’s a cupid in disguise!

Talia M, San Diego

Tonight was the most powerful I’ve ever felt in my feminine energy. I was able to ask for my needs and desires to be met in a way that was gentle, kind, loving and understanding to the man I care for deeply. I showed up for myself in a strong yet delicate manner, it was as if fairy dust was sprinkled in my presence.  I never imagined that I could own the delicacy of the woman that I am in a way that felt true and authentic, but I did. It was the first time that I honored myself as an incredibly strong yet eloquent being who wasn’t afraid to take a position of subtle power. I have lived in fear of honoring my femininity for so long. Emilia-thank you for guiding me towards seeing and witnessing the purest form of who I am as a woman. I am forever grateful. Love. Kindness. Honor. Strength. Courage. Women. Femininity. Gratitude. 

Heather A, San Diego